Sued By Collins Financial Services, Inc. In New York or New Jersey?

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: Three scenarios might have led you this article: You have just been notified by your bank that your account has been frozen because there is a debt collection judgment against you by some company called Collins Financial Services, Inc..  You’ve received a notice from your County Sheriff or a New York City Marshall that […]

NCLC Resource – Protecting Against Creditor Seizure of Stimulus Checks

The consumer heroes at the National Consumer Law Center have issued the following resource to help consumer protect their corona stimulus checks from levy and seizure by heartless and unscrupulous debt collectors: “The CARES Act authorizes payments up to $1200 to individuals and $2400 for couples, with an additional $500 for children under 17 years old. The payments phase out […]

The Law Offices of Robert J. Nahoum Convinces Debt Collector Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney & Flynn, L.L.P. To Dismiss a 10-Year-Old Asset Acceptance, LLC Default Judgment

By: Robert J. Nahoum Our client, recently discovered that “junk debt buyer†Asset Acceptance, LLC  had an $11,000.00, ten-year-old default judgment against her in the Supreme Court, Rockland County.  She first learned of the judgment when she received a notice from the Rockland County Sheriff that her wages were going to be garnisheed.   After consulting with our firm, we […]

What is “Chain of Title” in a Debt Buyer Debt Collection Case?

By: Robert J. Nahoum Consumers sued in debt collection cases often find themselves up against companies they have never heard of.  Names like Midland Funding, LVNV Funding, CACH LLC, New Century Financial Services, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Unifund and Calvary Portfolio Services.  The reason you’ve never heard of these companies is because, while you’ve never done business with them, they’re doing […]

What is a Limited Scope Engagement?

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: You’ve been served was a summons and complaint or discovered that you have a default judgment entered against you.  It’s a debt collector suing you on an old credit card or medical debt.  You’ve done your homework on the internet and realized that you can’t simply ignore the case as that will only make […]