Auto fraud covers a wide range of illegal and abusive practices and scams that harm consumers including non-disclosure of credit terms, undisclosed prior damage, yo-yo sales, odometer act violations and lemon sales.

Most consumer protection laws dealing with auto fraud are what is called “fee shifting†– meaning that the obligation to pay the consumers attorneys’ fees shifts to the debt collector.

If an auto dealer or lender has committed auto-fraud, the consumer may recover statutory damages, plus actual damages (for example pain, suffering and diminished value) and most importantly, reasonable attorneys’ fees.

Because auto fraud cases are fee shifting, The Law Offices of Robert J. Nahoum, P.C. does not charge our clients any out of pocket money.  We track our time on an hourly basis and seek payment of those fees from the debt collector.  If we are unsuccessful, our clients do not have to pay the fees.

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