Benefits of Hiring an Attorney to Represent You in a New York Debt Collection Lawsuit

By: Robert J. Nahoum If you have been sued by a debt collector in New York, you may be feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do. You may be tempted to ignore the lawsuit, but this is a mistake. Ignoring a debt collection lawsuit can have serious consequences, including a default judgment against you. A default judgment is a […]

Settling a Debt Case with American Express: A Success Story

By: Robert Nahoum Entrepreneur Client Sued By American Express We recently received a call from a prospective client who was being sued by American Express for an unpaid credit card.  The client is an entrepreneur in an industry with drastic ups and downs.  During a recent down time in her business, she fell behind on an account with American Express […]

Inflation, Debt and Credit Card Defaults: What You Need to Know

By: Robert Nahoum Inflation is on the rise, and it’s having a significant impact on consumers’ wallets. As prices for goods and services go up, people have less money to spare, which can lead to credit card defaults, which can lead to debt collection which can lead to debt collection lawsuit. If you’re struggling to make your credit card payments, […]

Are Debt Relief Companies a Scam?

By: Robert Nahoum Debt relief companies promise to help you get out of debt, but they can also be a scam. Here are some of the reasons why debt relief companies are often a scam: They make false promises. Debt relief companies often promise that they can get you out of debt quickly and easily, but there is no guarantee […]

What is an Underwater Car?

By: Robert J. Nahoum An underwater car is a car loan where the owner owes more on the loan than the car is worth. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as: Buying a car little to no down payment. Taking out a long-term car loan. Rapid depreciation of the car. Damage to the car. Why is Being […]

The Law Offices of Robert J. Nahoum Settles Judgment and Frozen Bank Account With American Express

  By Robert J. Nahoum Joint Bank Account Restrained Introduction We recently received a call from a panicked prospective client who was notified by her bank that a checking account she held jointly with her daughter had been restrained. She was anxious, embarrassed and confused about what was happening and what if anything she could do about it. The Client’s […]

The Law Offices of Robert J. Nahoum Helps Client Settle Judgment With Capital One Bank

By: Robert J. Nahoum Old Judgment Weighing Down Our Clients At The Law Offices of Robert J. Nahoum, many clients come to as part of a wider effort to rebuild their financial security.  For one reason or another, people go through dark financial times and end up with default judgments against them.  All the while accruing interest, these judgments get […]