I have Insurance, Why am I Getting Medical Bills

Despite being fully insured, too many working people continue to get medial bills.  The bills often make little to no sense and getting straight answers from your insurance carriers and the healthcare providers who blame each other is frustrating. There are only three reasons why anyone with health insurance should receive medical bills: Deductibles, Co-Payments, Co-Insurance.

Why am I Getting Medical Bills?

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM You were in an accident, became sick or perhaps contracted the coronavirus.  You seek appropriate medical care and are thankful to have recovered.  Nothing more to worry about because you are fully insured through an employer-based health insurance plan- right?   Despite being fully insured, you continue to get medial bills.  The bills make […]

New York Attorney General Letitia James Announced Plans to Keep Stimulus Checks Out of the Hands of Debt Collectors

By: Robert J. Nahoum When the federal government passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (“CARES Actâ€) including stimulus checks of up to $1,200 per adult and $500 per child, it failed to protect that money from the reach of debt collectors.  Those of us in the consumer protection community immediately recognized the threat to working people and began […]

New Relief for New York Student Loan Borrowers in the Corona-Economy

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM In response to the Corona-Economy, the federal and state governments have taken extraordinary measures to help, for the time being, working people stem the tide of economic devastation.  One of the early areas of intervention was with regard to Federal Student Loans.  Congress passed the $2 Trillion relief bill called the “Coronavirus Aid, Relief, […]