Who is the Least Sophisticated Consumer?

By: Robert J. Nahoum   THE PROBLEM: You’ve fallen behind on bills and get a debt collection letter from a lawyer.  The letter says that if you don’t pay a $75 medical bill you will be sued. You’re a pretty smart guy and you know that the lawyer is just blowing smoke – he’s not really going to sue you for […]

Should I Ignore The Debt Collection Agency?

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: Anyone who has ever dealt with a debt collection agency knows how invasive, harassing and annoying they can be.  The phone rings incessantly and the letters in the mail never seem to stop.  What to do?  With a debt collection agency on your trail, there are a few options available to you: Pay them in […]

Will Original Creditors Soon Have to Comply With Federal Debt Collection Regulations?

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: Federal debt collection law known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA for short), is designed to prevent debt collectors from using unfair, false, misleading and harassing debt collection tactics.  However, the FDCPA generally does not apply to original creditors.  In other words, with some exceptions, the banks issuing credit cards, the hospitals extending […]

Repeated Hang Ups May Violate the FDCPA

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: You are being hounded by debt collectors, the debt collection calls are coming fast and furious but one of the callers repeatedly hangs up either prior to or as soon as you or your voice mail answers the call.  Due to the hang ups, you don’t know the identity of the debt collector or the […]