What is Fresh Financial Start?

By: Robert J. Nahoum THE PROBLEM: You, like so many others, have fallen behind on bills.  Whether you lost your job, got cut back on shifts or just can’t make due, it doesn’t matter what got you here, you need a way out from under and bankruptcy may be the solution for you. THE RULE: A fundamental goal of bankruptcy […]

Robert Nahoum’s article, “FDCPA, FCRA Claims: Hidden Trustee Treasure?,” was recently published by American Bankruptcy Institute Law Journal

Robert J. Nahoum’s article, “FDCPA, FCRA Claims: Hidden Trustee Treasure?,†was recently published in the American Bankruptcy Institute Law Journal, Vol. XXX, No 8, October 2011. Available Here. About the Author Robert Nahoum is a New York State attorney practicing consumer protection and general litigation in the Tri-State Area including New York City, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau and Suffolk. His practice […]

Are Debt Collectors Getting Away With Illegal Debt Collection Under The Watchful Eye Of A Chapter 7 Trustee?

by: Robert J. Nahoum I. SUMMARY A Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee represents the estate of Chapter 7 bankruptcy debtors and is responsible for recovery, preservation, liquidation and distribution of the Chapter 7 estate assets.  Among the property of the estate are causes of action or lawsuits for wrongful damage caused to the debtor.  For example, if the debtor was injured when […]