What Are Private Attorneys General?

By: Robert J. Nahoum


In each state, the protection of consumers from unscrupulous businesses is left in the hands of the Attorney General.  However, because they have limited budgets and are elected officials subject to the political whims of the day, Attorneys General are not capable of addressing each instance of commercial wrong doing.


To ease the burden on the Attorneys’ General and to empower consumers, most consumer protection laws have assembled an army of private attorneys by including “Private Rights of Actionâ€.  A private right of action simply empowers private attorneys to do whatever the Attorneys General are authorized to do.  Thus, we have the Private Attorneys General.

To add teeth to the private right of action, most consumer protection laws are “fee shifting†meaning that if the consumer is successful in his or her lawsuit, the offending business must pay the consumer’s reasonable attorneys’ fees.  Because these laws are fee shifting, most consumer attorneys will handle a consumer protection case without ever charging the consumer a penny.


Federal and state consumer protection laws with private rights of action include:

If you’ve been victimized by an unscrupulous business, seek out and find a qualified consumer attorney.  Due to the fee shifting nature of consumer protection laws, you may not have to pay any attorneys’ fees out of pocket to protect your rights as a consumer.

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