What is a Class Action Consumer Lawsuit?

By: Robert J. Nahoum Consumer lawyers are, as the name implies, lawyers who focus their practices on consumer issues.  What are consumer issues?  Consumer issues are those legal issues that arise when regular people (as opposed to businesses) go out into the market place to buy goods or services.  For example – buying a car, getting a mortgage to buy […]

Illegal Foreclosure on Military Homeowners

By: Robert J. Nahoum An article on the Huffington Post yesterday reported how banks had illegally foreclosed on dozens of military homeowners.  This report comes on the heels of our blog on the Service members Civil Relief Act and our announcement of the Rockland County Military Families Pro-Bono Program. Its deplorable to think that banks would take advantage of our brave […]

Soldiers’ Rights Under The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act

Soldiers’ Rights Under The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act by: Robert J. Nahoum May 4, 2011 httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Anua9F7Qguw&feature=youtu.be I. SUMMARY Brave members of the American armed forced are often away from home and their loved ones for extended periods of time.  As America now wages war on no less than three fronts, extended deployments are more and more of a reality for many […]

When Is A Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer A Debt Collector?

  By: Robert J. Nahoum I. SUMMARY Federal debt collection laws not only regulate the collection conduct of traditional collection agencies but attorneys and, in some circumstances, loan servicers. In the name of thin-profit margins, the current mortgage foreclosure crisis has pushed many loan servicers and bank attorneys to limits of these consumer protection laws. Those found to have violated debt […]