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In a nutshell I had a crazy attorney trying to sue me for my son’s surgery, After I was under a payment agreement. He tried to sue me out of jurisdiction and was looking for crazy fees and interest. Years later. I was recommended to Robert Nahoum through a local attorney here on Long Island. Robert worked with me and explained to me what he was doing and how we were going to approach this. He made me feel comfortable and I trusted him from the beginning he worked on a contingency basis and explained all fees etc. At the end Robert Nahoum won our case I got paid, He got paid, and we were happy about the outcome. I Highly recommend him for any Fair Debt Collection Practices Act cases. If I ever I need him again, I won’t hesitate to hire him. Great Job Robert

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The specificity of Robert’s website made me reach out to him on a cold call for help dealing with an aggressive debt collector taking steps to garnish wages from an apparent default judgment (news to me) they had managed to secure years before. With little time to act, Robert immediately instructed me on what to do first with the courts (things were happening over the holidays and I was going out of town). From there, I hired him over the phone and within 2 short months, he got the entire matter dismissed by the court and the judgment vacated.

He is truly an advocate for people. I was consistently impressed with his upbeat nature. Robert lets you know what ‘can’ be done. In my experience with him, he gladly explained things and did so simply; he charted a course of action; and went the extra mile on due diligence and it’s that extra bit of due diligence along with his thorough knowledge of the subject that put the final nail in the plaintiff’s coffin. His work ethic is bar none. He has my utmost recommendation.

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Robert was extremely helpful, always returned my calls handled and resolved my Dad’s legal issues very quickly and most importantly always was a pleasure to speak with…..I would Recommend Robert to anyone who is need of Legal counsel!!!!! Thanks Robert!!!!

Rob resolved my legal problem quicker than I had expected. He under-promised and over-delivered in every way. He gave me a complete understanding of the potential outcomes. He kept me informed and updated along the way. I never felt out of the loop.

My husband and I were shocked by a sheriff’s notice regarding a years old judgment from a collection agency. Fortunately, I found his web site and he did exactly what he said he would do and got the judgment vacated. I’d never hired a lawyer before and had no idea what to expect, but he was reassuring and thoroughly explained the situation. His pricing was fair and understandable. I hope to not need him again, but I would not hesitate to use him again and would highly recommend him.

Mr. Nahoum recently represented me in a very complex FDCPA case. He navigated the legal aspects brilliantly. He always returned calls promptly and kept me fully informed. He secured a fair settlement, in a short period of time. I would highly recommend utilizing his expertise when needed. He is most honest and ethical, a winning combination.


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I’ve worked with many attorneys over the years – and Robert ranks among the best. His knowledge is not just legal theory, but real world. He recommended an appropriate work-out strategy with a financial institution that made sense for me. Most importantly, he was able to put my mind at ease – and get me to focus on the right priorities.

I’d like to recommend Robert Nahoum as exceptional attorney, My case had to do with a predatory lender who was making unreasonable demands and was unwilling to negotiate reasonably. They were threatening legal action. I was fortunate to come upon Robert’s blog and immediately called his office. He worked quickly and aggressively on my behalf and I immediately knew Robert was in my corner. He was able to successfully negotiate an agreement that far exceeded my expectations. He was always available and was very patient in describing the process. I highly recommend him without reservation!

I was very fortunate to come across the website of Robert Nahoum. I had to defend myself against a lawsuit, brought by a lender who was aggressively pursuing me while I was disabled. I had never read the fine print of my loan agreement when I first agreed to the terms. Later I found out just how egregious the terms were to me after I was served with a summons. I had already paid well above what my original loan amount was, but the lender was demanding full payment of the remaining balance on this very high interest loan, plus late fees. They were not showing any mercy and I was feeling very demoralized, as my remaining savings were dwindling rapidly.

By chance I came upon Mr. Nahoum’s website/blog and liked his information and as well as the tone with which it was written. I contacted Robert immediately and I soon found out that I had a trustworthy ally.

I found him to be very knowledgeable, empathetic and responsive. He reacted very quickly and aggressively and I knew that he was definitely looking out for my best interests.

He was able to negotiate a final agreement with this lender for far less than I thought I would have to pay to satisfy this loan. Through the process he kept me informed and was always courteous and patient. I would highly recommend him.

It was a true pleasure having Robert represent me during this troublesome time. He reassured me that everything would be ok and kept me informed. Most of all I appreciated his sincerity. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

After a collections company started harassing my wife we called Robert Nahoum’s law firm for advice. Robert answered the call himself and invited us to his office where we went over the details of what had been going on. He pointed out several illegal tactics that the collections company used and said he could help. He made an extremely stressful situation much better, explaining each part of the process and also providing us with documentation along the way.

He also called the collections company on our behalf and they were instructed only to talk to him and not to call us again. That didn’t last long as we received a call not too long after.

Robert sprang into action…it was amazing to watch and listen to him chop down the companies manager in our defence, citing laws I didn’t even know existed!

Robert sued the scummy collection agency and we had a check in hand in no time at all.

I still call Robert from time to time with legal questions and he always seems happy to help.

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